Photoshop Lightroom CC 2020

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Adobe Lightroom CC 2020/Classic 2020

Edit and organize your photos with the app that's optimized for desktop. Lightroom Classic CC gives you powerful one•click tools and advanced controls to make your photos look amazing. Easily organize all your photos on your desktop, and share in a variety of ways. Your best shots. Made even better. Your photos don't always reflect the scene the way you remember it. But with Lightroom Classic CC, you have all the desktop editing tools you need to bring out the best in your photographs. Punch up colors, make dull•looking shots vibrant, remove distracting objects, and straighten skewed shots. Plus, the latest release offers improved performance so you can work faster than ever. • With better performance under the hood, Lightroom Classic CC lets you import photos, generate previews, and move from Library to Develop Module in record time. • Use range masking tools to easily select the areas or objects you want to edit based on their color, luminance, or depth. • Create HDR panos faster now that you can merge multiple bracketed exposures into multiple

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Overview and Screenshots

Adobe has released a new version of Adobe Photoshop, which is packed with new and enhanced tools. It also has minor interface changes for better productivity.

First of all, the latest version of Adobe Photoshop has better auto selections. The artificial intelligence made by Adobe for automatic selections analyses an image better than ever to guess what exactly you want to select. It detects objects on complex backgrounds and defines its borders quickly and precisely, leaving just a little tweaking to be done after that.

Then, Adobe Photoshop 2020 has a new tool for the former select and Mask dialog window. It automatically finds a subject in a selected rectangular area, so you can easily separate objects in the most complicated photos.

Yet another enhanced feature in Adobe Photoshop 2020 is the Properties Panel, which became more context-sensitive and now depends on the layer type and currently selected tool. Also, Adobe has added a bunch of Quick Actions to the panel. Now you need just a couple of clicks to remove background, isolate objects, or access the most common typographic tools.

As for the new features, Adobe Photoshop 2020 has a new grid for image warping. It starts with four control handles but allows adding as many points of warping as you like.

There are also new panels for Patterns, Gradients, and Shapes, so retrieving preset images is more straightforward than before, as well as choosing shapes and gradients for them.

Finally, Adobe Photoshop 2020 has several small yet highly useful additions. It has access to all Adobe fonts (more than 10,000 of them), works with Smart Objects from a newly designed panel, and allows using your keyboard for rotating your brush or quickly turning it into an Eraser.

All in all, Adobe Photoshop 2020 has a lot of new things to offer, Be sure to check out this free Adobe Photoshop 2020 trial and get your creativity to a whole another level.

Key Features

  • Improved user interface
  • Enhanced auto-selections
  • New patterns and shapes
  • More precise image warping
  • Access to Adobe fonts


  • Software full name: Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • License type: Official Trial
  • Setup filename: AdobePhotoshop_2020.exe
  • Type: Web installer
  • Limits: 7-day working trial
  • Version: 21.0.1

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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