How do I shop:

Shopping in the store is a simple & quick process. You put your product in the shopping cart, then proceed to the checkout. At the checkout you fill in all your customer details. After the payment has been completed and verified, your electronic product code will be sent to your email address


How to install & buy?

I purchased wrong product , can I cancel my order?

In the case of a mistake purchase, you can always replace your product with the correct intended item, as long as
you have not consumed/redeem your product code that you have received in connection with purchases. We will crosscheck that in our server.
If you have already consumed & activated your product code, unfortunately we cannot make a return for your order

The product code for my purchase does not work?

If you experience problems activating your product code then you should contact our technical department or you can also submit your request via our contact form or email us.. Always enter your order number & take a screenshot of the error message that arises & attach the picture in the email to us and we will get back to you with a resolution.


How does the return of the code works?

Once the Code/key/Link has been delivered to your mail including fully description about the software, No refunds are not longer available, therefore we are waiting (12-24h) to send out the further information in case if you regret of any reason for your own purchase safety to fully refund your money. If you are in need of the software please contact us immediately.

*Please note all returning codes will be checked in the tool there we can see if it has been redeemed and to which account if so and the scammers will be reported.


Why are we so Cheap?
The prices in the store are lower because all products are electronic license keys which is sent directly after the order is placed, in this way it will be lower costs because no physical delivery is sent, then the margins are reduced as much as possible to give a more reasonable price to both private individuals and companies. At the same time, we purchase all our licenses in larger ones
deliveries for lowering costs. All licenses are genuine Microsoft products. Since then, the Microsoft licensing market has changed in recent years,
These prices are now more normal today in the market as margins are constantly being pushed by new retailers and stores.
We selling OEM and Retails keys and many similar shops selling similar/same
digital products to a lower price but those are often a volume keys and use 
to expires in the future and you are in need to activate it once again with a different key.
When you purchase our OEM/Retail key from us it mean it just a one timer activation and no risk for that someone else has been used the same key before.
If you have any more questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.