WINDOWS SERVER 2016 Standard ESD(16 Core) (32/64-bit)

WINDOWS SERVER 2016 Standard ESD(16 Core) (32/64-bit)

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Windows Server 2016 Standard

NOTE: This release is for (16 Core 32/64-bit)
The product is a full full version that only needs to be activated once for your computer, it is not a subscription model.

Languages: All languages ​​included
Product variant: Electronic product code (ESD)
Delivery method: Direct delivery by E-mail (24/7)
License scope: 1 PC
License period: Unlimited life
Windows Server 2016 Standard full version

Multiple layers of security: Improve security and reduce risks with multiple layers of built-in protection.
New distribution options: Increase availability and reduce resource consumption with slim Nano Server.
Built-in containers: Develop and manage more flexibly thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers.
Cost-effective storage: Build a scalable application-based storage with extreme availability and scalability. And reduce costs.
Innovative network usage: Application-based network usage, fully automated with the same efficiency as in clouds.
Safe & powerful system that is at your service in many situations
Enhance security - start with the operating system

Prevent attacks and detect suspicious activity where needed: in the operating system and loads. Rest assured that the software's built-in security features provide privileged access, protect virtual machines, and strengthen the platform against new threats.

Become more efficient with a Software Defined Datacenter

Get more flexibility and control in your data center while reducing the costs of application-based data processing, storage and networking. Run your data center with a fully automated and flexible operating system where you have access to many of the efficient cloud features of the Microsoft Azure data center.

Renew faster with loads in cloud-ready apps

Distribute and run existing apps on the software so you can transform them into new cloud-based models, safely and securely. Help developers innovate and create local and cloud-based apps with the latest technology - containers, microservice and Nano Server.

This activation key can activate Windows Server 2016 Standard.
The installation process is very quick & easy.
If you do not already have Windows Server 2016, you can download it from the Microsoft website.
You download Windows Server 2016 and install it to use the code.
NOTE: Instruction guide for the product is sent after the purchase has been completed.